About Us

PhySimX is a website founded by Mark G. Questions? Comments? Join our Discord support server or head over to the contact page

Our Mission

We started this project to focus on educating the public through visualizations and simulations which make math and physics fun topics for kids of all ages. We strive to create a community of learning and understanding by providing these services freely.

Our Team

Meet the team that helped make PhySimX possible. These people contributed in some way to helping make this website what it is today.

Mark G
Founder and Lead Developer

Mark G. is the founder of PhySimX. He created and led this project from the beginning to end. He has a passion for Computer Science and Physics and hopes that this website will help those who have similar interests.

José De Freitas
Developer + Discord Moderator

José is one of our lead discord moderators, as well as one of our best css and html developers.

Lukas Dobbles

Lukas Dobbles is a developer who has contributed to the website and is actively creating sims. He lives in California wih his brother, grandma, and parents.

Kobe Ni

Kobe Ni is a front-end web developer. He started out as a member and worked his way up to being one of our team's developers. He helped with CSS and the 'About Us' page

Space Fire

Space Fire is the one you can thank for the name Simupedia. No, Space Fire is not his real name.


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